Monday, June 11, 2007

Visiting Fans Aren't All Bad

This past Saturday I descended upon downtown Detroit for a bachelor party, that included a baseball game, among other things. It was the second game of a three game set between my Tigers and the other team from New York, the Mets.

My friends and I decided to make the game a little more interesting. How you ask? Gambling, of course! The expiring bachelor's Uncle taught us a little game we could play called "Got 'Em." In which the participants rotate batters, on BOTH teams, predicting whether or not said batter will get a hit. HBP's, walks, and errors are pushes and no money changes hands. A single earns you a $1, a double $2, triple $3, and $4 for a big fly. The risk in this game however, lies in saying "Don't Got 'Em" and watching said player launch a home run into the left field seats. As you must then pay every participant in the game $4, and hate yourself the at least the next seven minutes. With the bases loaded it gets even better as for every guy on when a ball goes over the fence you add a dollar (i.e. bases loaded = 8 bucks a piece). The more players the more thought provoking each decision may be.

During the bottom of the second inning a contingent of Mets fans (5) sat down directly to my right. The most noticeable being the one women in the bunch who was an absolute rod-inducing stunner. Soon after a couple of my friends and I headed toward the Comerica Bar as it's $6.25 for a Jack N' Coke while it's 8.50 for a beer. Considering the Jack N' Coke is about 80% Jack I'll take that deal, every time.

When returned to our seats the stunner had swapped seats with one of the other Mets fans and was now sitting next to me. I sat down and immediately began chatting her up. Explaining our little game of "Got 'Em" among other things. Soon she joined the game, as did another of her Mets compatriots and our participants total had risen to seven. And I found myself debating Hanley Ramirez against Jose Reyes with both the stunner as well as what turned out to be her fiance. As, while my friends are sports fans they hardly engulf themselves in it as I do. And as these fans clearly did as well.

As the game wore on us Tigers fan were winning both the game and the "game" within it as the stunner's fiance asked if I wanted to put money on the outcome. With Todd Jones preparing to come in for the top of the 9th. I was weary but he immediately offered me 2-1 and I jumped at that. As the Tigers were leading 8-7 and Todd was bound to have a good outing at some point.

Sure enough, my faith was rewarded as Todd Jones picked up the save and I collected my $40 as promised.

While they're were plenty of ass-hole Met fans in attendance on Saturday, heckling as the Mets got off to a 1-0 start in the first. These fans were not any of them as they were fans of the game just as much as they were fans of the Mets. They were exactly the kind of fan's you'd like to meet at a game, especially considering they were from New York (Flushing) rather than Detroiters who had jumped on other bandwagons.

Interestingly I took a couple of Peanuts to the back and head from my fellow Tigers fans who were aiming for those Met fans. Which made me understand exactly how it must feel to go into a visiting stadium like this guy did.

Here's hoping the Mets can rectify last year's finish and meet these Tigers in the World Series like they should have.

Anyone else have a positive experience with some out-of-state Fans at your home park?


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