Thursday, June 28, 2007

Mocking The Experts Again

A bunch of us got together over at Awful Announcing once again for a little Mock Draft. This time of the NBA variety of course. I took on the Bobcats as I wanted a spot in the lottery and what a good decision it was. Both of Charlotte's picks are in the first round this year at 8 and 22 so they're was definitely some potential for improvement. Then again isn't that the Bobcats mantra this time of year anyway? AA's even handing out grades this time around. Yours truly, somehow picked up the only A+ handed out after taking Corey Brewer and Sean Williams. I maintain that basketball is the only sport I really know anything about. Anyhow, go check it all out, folks. As it was a great success with only one "WHAT??", to be spoken of.

For the picks click here, the grades here, and for my individual lottery mock here.

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