Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Silly Billy D Headin' Back To Gainesville

Let me preface this by saying I am a Florida Gators fan as many of you know. And I couldn't be happier that Billy Donovan is headed back where he belongs. At the same time Billy's image has taken an asteroid like hit over the past couple of days. As he's joined the laundry list of wishy-washy, flippity-floppity coaches throughout the sports world.

All seems to be resolved now as Stan Van Gundy has been offered the Magic coaching job, and Billy D will sign a contract with the Gators. Yet all is truly not resolved. Anthony Grant the likely successor to Billy D's thrown at UF may take the worst hit of all in this. As he must return to VCU, and convince potential recruits that he's staying for the long haul. Something we all know isn't true. Grant will be heading to the land of the "Major" in the next year or two, whether it's Florida or not. I feel bad for Grant as I was excited to see what he could do with the Gators and expecting great things.

On the other side of the coin you have the Magic, who have got to be wondering what's going on after being spurned post-press conference by Billy. Is the job really that bad? No. Is Billy scared Darko Milicic's inevitable lack of development will be his undoing anyway? Maybe. Did Billy catch Stuff kissing Smokey? Possibly. Or was this whole thing just a jealous man's attempt to make his wife pay after catching hew in the sack with Lee Humphrey? Unlikely, considering it's pretty clear Mrs. Billy calls the shots and she wasn't having' any of this moving bulls--t!

Regardless of why all of this took place I can say that I'm happy that Billy's heading back to Gainsville. And I'll be even happier if he agrees to put the NBA on hold for the next five years. Especially if he can't go to Miami and succeed Pat Riley, a man, and team that I despise. Not to mention I don't know that the Heat can handle another guy with a $500 per month gel budget. The five-year no NBA contract could also help recruiting over the next year or so. Though I don't expect Florida to be anywhere near where they've been recently for at least 2-3 years. SO that recruiting help may not help anyway.

All in all this whole thing is not that big of a deal. And as far as I'm concerned this wasn't quite a Saban as Billy never said he wasn't going anywhere. He always took the "I don't want to talk about that" approach. Which can be tough to do considering how often the media asks those pressing "Are you leaving?" questions when the rumor winds are swirling.

In hilarious news the Orlando Sentinel is reporting that the Magic are likely to lose out on Stan Van Gundy to the Kings. Of all teams!! It's safe to say the Magic are definitely the "catchers" this week.


Trevor said...

The Orlando Magic wasted little time hiring Stan Van Gundy (for a reportedly four-year deal worth $16 million) on Thursday morning after releasing Billy Donovan from his contract on Wednesday night.

BD said...

Yeah I seen that this mornin' when I got home. Can't help but laugh that he got nearly 2 million less than Donovan would have.

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