Wednesday, June 20, 2007

To Bad He's Not A Royals Fan

Could you imagine no longer being allowed to watch your favorite team play? Because of a medical condition, of all things. That's the case for this guy:

Jim Coan, 46, of Ulnes Walton Lane, Ulnes Walton, near Leyland, hasn't watched a single Liverpool FC game for more than 10 years after being diagnosed with heart rhythm disturbance which knocks him unconscious when he gets too excited.

Because he suffers from Atrial Fibrilation he has missed nail-biting games like this year's disappointing Champions' League Final defeat against AC Milan and the victory in the same tie in 2005, the UEFA Cup win in 2001, as well as the Reds' FA Cup victory against West Ham last year.

This guy need to turn his attention to baseball. Mainly those perennially bottom-feeding Royals in Kansas City. The excitement and blackouts would surely subside. As I don't know anyone who gets excited watching the Royals play. That is, unless their a fan of the opposing team of course.

Football fan 'banned' from games (Lancashire Evening Post)

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