Friday, June 8, 2007

Linkfest!: Now With Extra Hotness

I definitely won't be updating tomorrow as I'll be downtown all day for a bachelor party. Said party includes tickets to the Mets/Tigers game (bonus!), here's a little something for the 6 of you to pass the time.

Congratulations U of A your entire team is hot, oh and you won the Softball World Series, too (Just Call Me Juice)

Amanda Beard plays it safe in Playboy, that means no snatch for you. Here are the pics. Obviously NSFW. (Via TBL)

I have the crazy feeling Elton Brand didn't fit in so well at Duke. (Awful Announcing)

Where's the value at the top of the MLB Draft? Pitchers? Or could it be those guys with the sticks? (One More Dying Quail)

So, you didn't watch the NFL Finals either? We're in the clear, nobody did. (The Big Lead)

Elisha Cuthbert says pussy on on Conan, now if only I could.... (Our Book Of Scrap)

Actors, as well as athletes can kill animals in the field of play. (Randball)

Parents get worse by the day... but should we be surprised? (Seal Clubbers)

Rick Reilly will stop at nothing to promote his new book. He also appeared on ESPNEWS and Radio. I won't be buying. I mean, c'mon it's a collection of all the stuff that's been in SI. And we complain about coaching retreads. (Signal To Noise)

Scott Pollard thinks you should do drugs. This is probably because not even his team president knows who he is. (The Extrapolater)

Mike Modano can't keep his women in check. Actually, that makes sense. (WBRS Sports Blog)

I'll believe it when I see it as well. (The Wayne Fontes Experience)

A little late on this, but if you found yourself confused while watching College Baseball today. This should help. (The College Baseball Blog)

I'm doing pretty good in the Blogger Fantasy Baseball league. Here's the latest update. (Seal Clubbers)

Here's a little Arizona bonus.... it's the "catcher" of course.

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