Friday, June 8, 2007

MLB Surivvor Challenge: Week 8

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Eliminations Thus Far:
San Francisco
Kansas City
St. Louis
Kansas City
Tampa Bay

Ted's busy this weekend and in all his confusion sent me another AL elimination. No big deal though as he'll be picking up NL duties the next two weeks as I do the same over in the AL. As usual it's NL up first and then the AL.

Leaving The Diamond: Florida Marlins
Reasoning: While the Marlins are only a half game back of the Phillies for 3rd in the NL East they've got no shot at all to win the whole damn thing this year. While Hanley Ramirez and Miguel Cabrerra are fantastic and likely always will be the rest of the team is far to inconsistent to count on. The pitching especially.

I've always had a fond place in my heart for the Marlins after watching them knock of the Indians in 1997 and then the Yanks in 2003. But since then they've traded away the team only Ramirez has lived up to his potential on a consistent basis. The rest have been up and down, some just down.

While the pitching staff has been ok thus far it's likely to get a whole lot worse as these young guys add to their innings totals. I'd venture to say that with the way the Nats are playing lately the Marlins could fall into last place out east before this season is all said and done. Something most people wouldn't have even considered possible before the season.

I'd like to see Dontrelle Willis pitch a little better though. As the leader of the staff he needs to set an example for those untested behind him. Regardless, these fish are now "sleeping with the fishes" as far as this guys concerned. (Apologies for the very general reasoning on this one. I'm a little out of it tonight.)

Leaving The Diamond: Chicago White Sox
ning: This was a tough one for me. I really wanted to do the Yankees, but then they had to go and start playing well. You might find it funny that I'm reluctant to do the Yankees when I'm currently picking a team who is just 1 game worse than them, and actually closer within their division than the Bombers are.

Here's my logic: the Sox got the Yankees this week at a rough time for the organization. Sure, they had come off a walk-off HR on Sunday night by A-Rod against their arch-rival, but the Clemens start was delayed and momentum seemed to be seeping out of the Bronx balloon yet again. Advantage, Chi-Sox - and they took it, winning the first game of the series, 6-4. Then, they proceeded to get utterly pounded the next two nights.

This follows a disturbing trend of the White Sox, currently fourth in the AL Central, not being able to close the deal. In the first Interleague series go-round, they dropped 2 of 3 to the Cubs (the Cubs!!!). Last week, they were SWEPT by the Twins (a division rival, naitch) and beaten pillar to post by the Blue Jays. They even SPLIT with the D-Rays. When you're splitting with Tampa Bay only 2 years removed from the World Championship, that's fairly sorry ass.

Look, the Sox have enough talent to probably win 85 games or so. Unfortunately, that's going to do nothing the way the Tigers and Indians are likely to finish, and with what the Twins are capable of if they get hot. So, Ozzie and company, see you back on the South Side... in '08.

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