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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Channel Surfing: Lettin' It All Hang Out

Channel Surfing is my semi-regular link dump in which I whore out other blogs for your amusement. If you'd like to be linked email me via the address on the right.

Who would've thought, Adam LaRoche is pretty clever (100% Injury Rate)

Ever wonder which many attractive celebrities have worn jerseys? I know I have and now It's been documented. (Winning The Turnover Battle)

Mini Me wonders if Joel Freeland has finally landed? I vote for no... (WBRS Sports Blog)

RCT let everyone know how I created this blog here. In step by step fashion. (My Brain Says Rage)

One of the Dolphins best players pick up a DWI. Suffice to say Sanchez is not pleased. (Shot To Nothing)

TGWF goes where no man should ever want to. Brady Quinn's Ipod... (Ghosts Of Wayne Fontes)

For the plane ride, I'd give them their money back after the fact. (Six Pack Sports Report)

Megazord Form!

So now you're wondering, "What is this new blog about?" Well, what is the blog community? It's just that: A community. Unlike competitors in the mainstream media, blogs routinely share ideas, content, and offer up ways to supplement each other's efforts. When we looked around and saw very few blog networks that are truly networked, We said, "What can we do about this?" is designed to bring some of the more creative independent blogs together under a single umbrella. Call it a "Super Blog" if you will. As legendary philosopher Hilary Duff said, blog networks are "so yesterday." With writers from New York to California to even the UK, will bring you some of the freshest, most diverse content you'll find on the Internet in one convenient location.

We're starting out this venture with writers from 34 authors from 28 blogs, all with diverse backgrounds and writing styles. If one of them doesn't find a way to entertain or inform you somewhere along the way, well then, you're just not trying.

Featuring the writers behind blogs such as Winning the Turnover Battle, 100% Injury Rate, Our Book of Scrap, the Blog of Hilarity, Shoutfan, Deuce of Davenport, Why Don't We Get Drunk and Blog?, Babes Love Baseball, Sports Show On Mute and many, many more, aims to bring daily, unfiltered content from some of the fastest growing voices on the Internet to make a Megazord of sorts.

It is our collective hope that people visit time and again and that each day we make their Internet viewing experience a little better than it was the day before. Come check it out!

Note: I'll be posting a still unnamed column on the weekdays among other things. So come by, and check it out!

Friday, July 13, 2007

A-Rod Flips Cashman The Bird

Today, finally some good news coming out of the Bronx for us Yankee haters. Alex Rodriguez will not negotiate a contract extension with the Yanks during the season. As much as I dislike the Yankees, I like A-Rod, and I always have. He's a fantastic all-around player and he's taking the right stance in this situation. Especially when you consider other pending Yankee Free Agents Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera. If A-Rod wasn't on the insane pace he is, the Yanks wouldn't even be considering this move. And his failure to cooperate with the is a win for the baseball fan who's tired of hearing about his lack of "true pinstripes". In honor of A-Rod's likely departure from underachieving cash machine I've cooked up a few other things I wouldn't mind seeing happen to the Bronx Bombers.

- The Yankees are eliminated from playoff contention by mid-August forcing the WWL to give up on the "can they still make it" Fact or Fiction segments.

- Johnny Damon is caught cross-dressing in Hoboken, finally explaining why he throws like a girl.

- Derek Jeter is photographed with a Transsexual entering his car outside a nightclub in Tampa Bay. It immediately hits "" Ala the Beverly Hills Mayor on Entourage. The NY faithful simultaneously throw up.

- Carl Pavano finds health and returns to the rotation. He posts a 1-13 record with a 12.45 ERA before being traded to the Dodgers where he gets it together and closes 5-0 with a .67 ERA. And leads the Dodgers into the World Series, Jeff Weaver blushes.

- Chien-Ming Wang demands to be traded.

- It turns out Bobby Abreu is actually 49 years old. Julio Franco is absolutely devastated.

- George Steinbrenner finally fires a few people. Becky, formerly of marketing files a lawsuit claiming Cashman touched her.

- Jason Giambi names Brian Cashman as his supplier in his interview with George Mitchell.

To be honest I wouldn't necessarily like to see all or any of this happen. But, maybe it it did ESPN would quit shoving the Yanks and their playoff chances down our throats. Okay, fine. I'd like to see most of this happen. Maybe I am that much of an ass-hole. Or maybe I'm annoyed? Who knows.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

MLB Survivor: Weeks 12 and 13

For a rundown on the rules click here

Another twofer this week as I had a long busy weekend and was unable to post last week's knockouts. Anyhow, we're sticking with the status quo here, NL followed by AL.

Eliminations Thus Far:
San Francisco
Kansas City
St. Louis
New York (AL)
Kansas City
Tampa Bay
Chicago (AL)
Chicago (NL)
San Francisco

Leaving The Diamond: Atlanta Braves
Reasoning: While they're only sitting 2 games behind the Mets at the break. The Braves just don't have it this year. Andruw Jones is having potentially the worst walk-year in the history of free agency. And the rest of the team develops Xylophobia when Chipper Jones is out of the lineup. Not a good sign, considering Chipper Jones is to the DL as Jeff Francoeur is to the whiff. John Smoltz' recurring shoulder issues this season are another concern as well, seeing as outside of Tim Hudson consistency isn't much of a theme in the rotation.

Next season, maybe Atlnta gets another streak going, who knows? They've got some fantastic young players for the future. Unfortunately, the cornerstones of the team are brittle or amazing horrible (I'm looking at you Andruw). Leaving these Braves out in the cold for the second consecutive year. -BD

Leaving The Diamond: Philadelphia Phillies
ng: This is a controversial one, because the Phillies do legitimately have a chance to win the NL East, especially when you consider how the Mets have been playing of late. Here's my logic on the matter: the Phillies' entire season jumped the shark in that whole rain delay / tarp debacle right before the All-Star Game. What do I mean? Well, that provided the seminal visual images of the Phillies' season to date - it wasn't some Ryan Howard blast, or some Chae Utley walk-off double, or some Freddy Garcia 10 K performance. No. It was a bunch of dudes trying to hold down a tarp in an otherwise meaningless game. The Phillies are doomed; they've hit their high point as of mid-July. Nothing they do past this point will amuse or entertain people any more than that. Plus, this whole 10,000 losses thing is going to affect their psyche, and let's be honest - when's the last time this team got through an entire September without screwing absolutely everything to the wall? I'm going to boot them now in an effort to look like a genius. I may just end up lookin' like a moron. It's cool, though. I'm used to it. -Ted

Leaving The Diamond: New York Yankees
ng: Brandon did this right before the All-Star Break, which I suppose takes a moderate amount of wind out of the sails of a New York product (that's me!) kicking his beloved Yankees (read: I haven't rooted for them in years, although I did scream out my living room window when that foul ball nestled in Charlie Hayes' glove) off the MLB island. Nothing is going right for this team: it took them until June 22nd to get a full five-day swing through the pitchers they want to constitute every five days. They begin their post-Break game set with the Devil Rays, and Clemens is pitching Friday night. At any other time in my life as a sports fan, I would have picked a sweep for the Bombers, with a definite win Friday and a potential loss Sunday if they let their guard down. Right now? I'm calling 2 out of 3 to Tampa, including one 11-3 absolute massacre where Carl Crawford has five steals. And you think these guys can catch the Red Sox? Not a chance - unless the Sox have to play the Indians and Tigers for the entire rest of the season. -Ted

Leaving The Diamond: Texas Rangers
Reasoning: The Rangers have been about as bad as possible so far this season. They still have no quality starting pitchers to speak of. And even some of their hitters haven't quite been up to par so far this season. Leading to one of the worst records in all of baseball. Don't even get me started on Sosa, who may be the most overrated "big name" player I've ever seen. All in all It's been a pretty horrible summer deep in the south so far, and it doesn't look like things are going to be getting better anytime soon. Especially when you consider they may be trading some of their most reliable players. Those most wanted fella's just all happen to be middle relievers. And the only guys who can keep the ball in the ballpark. I'd say it's safe to say that when Gagne and Otsuka head for greener pastures, offense will pick up even more in Arlington. In related news, Ron Washington's heart attack odds are expected to hit 4-1 by the trade deadline. -BD

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Channel Surfing: Proctor, Put Down The Matches!

Not even a real bonfire, can light one under the Yankees. (Just Call Me Juice)

The sad reality of ESPN. Congrats To Biggio and Big Hurt, no references required. (One More Dying Quail)

I don't know about you. But, I think this does sound like fun. (Seal Clubbers)

"Signs. Signs. Everywhere there's signs. F@#cking up the scenery. Breaking My Mind." -- You figure Bonds is haunted by the particular musical number? (Signal To Noise)

Have you seen the greatest trade in NBA history? It's got all the shock and awe the league needs. (The Basketball Jones)

'Who's Now' was the final straw that created this list. I'm over here Stu, can't you see me with your "peripherals"? Oh, wait. (100% Injury Rate)

Taking a look at the upcoming Futures game. Always fun to watch the Future, ya know, before it comes.. (The Extrapolater)

The greatest sports cereals you've never heard of. (Deuce Of Davenport)

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