Friday, March 16, 2007

Well this has sucked

I don't just say that because today I went from either leader, or near leader in all of my pools to very near the cellar. In the two blog pools I'm completely ok with that because those guys (and girls) watch games and seem to know what they're talking about. But in my two personal pools, not so much. The current leaders in both of those pools have all chalk and that's it and this is why I'm losing. Because I take chances and truly look at match ups. These people watch two Michigan State games this year and then pick based on seeding. Those are the people who are supposed to be punished for wasting their money at this time in the year. Those non-fans who just try to make a quick buck but never pull it off. Well this year is the year of casual fan. The year of the Big Six conferences. The only upsets we'll be seeing will involve one "Major" knocking off another in the later rounds. The only two exceptions to that would be VCU and Winthrop who could win the Midwest the way things look right now. They did take Wisconsin to overtime this season remember. Their game with Oregon should favor them and it won't be a surprise if they win again.

After two days here are your upset total ladies and gentlemen: FIVE! Three of which are 9 seeds beating 8's. Which don't even count. Those are pick em's just like the 7-10's.

If you want to talk to me about SIU, Butler, Nevada and UNLV then you deserve to be slapped. All of those teams were the higher seed and a win by them at this point isn't really an upset. Some will claim if Nevada knocks off Memphis (they won't) or UNLV beats Wisconsin (they will) that those are upsets. Well they're not, sorry. Wisconsin isn't very good hence my Ga. Tech pick. I believe I said in my picks I thought whoever won the Ga. Tech-UNLV game would beat Wisconsin. After the stellar performance Wisconsin had today I think that's a legitimate thought.
I don't mind not winning any of my pools, thats fine. But to mostly "Hey a 1 is better than a 16 right?" kind of guys bothers me. Maybe I over analyzed or maybe Illinois just choked so hard I think Deron Williams coughed. I'll admit the Arkansas and Albany picks were probably more wishful thinking than anything. Moving on from my "I'm going to lose my pool and I'm wanted that $100 rant."

The tournament has still been horrible this year anyway you slice it. Even if I was looking at a perfect bracket I wouldn't be happy with this. IF VCU and Winthrop both miss out on the sweet 16 I may need Florida to win the whole thing to satisfy me this season. Last season it wasn't needed, this year it is. The best part of the tournament is watching some team you didn't even know existed beat the Duke's of the world. (VCU doesn't quite fit this category.)

Anyway I'm done complaining. It's just frustrating when the biggest sporting event of the year for me personally has sucked at this magnitude. Only 9 of 32 games decided by less than double digits what a joke. Now looking at tomorow's second round games...

Winners In BOLD (well who I think will win anyway)
#9 Xavier V #1 Ohio State - It'll be close though.
#4 Maryland V #5 Butler - Pace should dictate the winner here.
#6 Louisville V #3 Texas A&M - Only because I have them as National Runner-Up.
#6 Vanderbilt V #3 Washington State - I truly do not know so I'll take Wazzu because they're the higher seed.
#7 Boston College V #2 Georgetown - Dudley probably gets into foul trouble again.
#11 Virgina Commonwealth V #3 Pittsburgh - A VCU win could save this years tournament for me.
#7 Indiana V #2 UCLA - UCLA's D should be too much but I think Indiana can keep it close.
#9 Michigan State V #1 North Carolina - Lets hope MSU can end the day on a high note. I doubt it.

That's it for me. If you actually read the entire rant tan you deserve a gold star. Anyone else feeling like this years tournament has been disappointing so far?


Anonymous said...

when can I get my gold star for reading this whole thing? lol.

"These people watch two Michigan State games this year and then pick based on seeding"

How true that is...most of these guys probably know nothing about college basketball and are indeed picking by seeding. we're at the bottom right now, but I think that will change as the 2nd/3rd rounds begin and the tournament goes farther.

Anonymous said...

actually i think i have only watched 1 state game this year :P

BD said...

I'm faxing the gold star over now. I have no idea who the second anonymous is....

Anonymous said...

pretty sure it's Paul

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha I agree, almost all these games so far have been great games. This is what college ball is all about, teams playing good, and making it to the tournament to test their ability to handle pressure, from seniors down to the green freshman. I totally disagree that this tournament so far has been horrible.

BD said...

This post was on Friday night. The second round was fantastic my issue was with the opening round.

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