Friday, March 16, 2007

Day 1 Impressions

My prediction of an upset heavy tourney seems way off thus far as only one true upset took place on Thursday. That one upset was a great one, however. Eric Maynor is the reason I picked VCU to advance to the Sweet 16 and on Thurday he did not disappoint. Let me just say though, I hate CBS. I don't care where I live when MSU is up by 20 and Duke is up by 2, I do not need to see the end of the MSU game. They didn't cut to VCU-Duke until the MSU-Marq game was under a minute. Hating Duke has never felt so good. My brother who doesn't follow college hoops at all seemed a little shocked at my excitement in the closing minutes of the Duke-VCU game. Some people just don't understand do they?

Other thoughts:

-Louisville was very impressive against Stanford. I know it's hard to play an east coast game in the morning for west coast teams but that was brutal. My Runner-up Texas A&M is in for a dog fight on Saturday. I'll nervously be watching that one with my fingers crossed.

-Vanderbilt also looked very good in their complete domination of George Washington. If Vandy comes out that hot on Saturday Washington State may not have a chance.

-My biggest upset picks take place tomorrow as I have Illinois, Creighton, and Georgia Tech all winning and advancing to the Sweet 16. Plus Albany and Arkansas picking up one win.

-In my main Bracket (JMCJ Blog Pool, and two work pools) I have the above picks and today I missed on BYU, Old Dominion and Texas Tech.

-I have to slap myself for the ODU pick after picking Butler on this very blog earlier this week.

-Let's all hope that the favorites start losing with a little more consistency. The NBA rule's affect is clear so far. All those potential Lottery picks having to go to school appears to have widened the gap for the time being. I expect it to close dramatically over the next few years though. More and more should be Blue Devils will end up at Davidson and the like. The future of college basketball should be exciting even if this years tournament lacks the upset punch that made last years so special.

-UNC may lose earlier than many expected. They let EKU back into the game before blowing them out all over again. I expect the Spartans to give them a run for their money come Saturday.

-On my Awful Announcing bracket I'm perfect with the exception of Texas Tech. My thirst for Bob Knight quotes seems to have blinded me on that one.

-Xavier will give Ohio State a game on Saturday, I'm certain of that.

-If your looking for a place to catch the game at work and you don't wanna pay for MMOD check out all the live blogging going on at WBRS Sports Blog and Awful Announcing.

I'm sure I'm missing some things that I wanted to mention here but I can't wait for tomorrow non the less.

A few questions for all six of you readers. How does your bracket look after one day? What do you see happening on Saturday? Do you think VCU can not only beat Pitt but stun UCLA?

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