Friday, March 30, 2007

CBB End Game

We have reached the conclusion to the College Basketball Season as the Final Four starts in less than 24 hours. As much as I love the Final Four. I hate to see the CBB season end. End is exactly what it's going to do, however. Everyone is wondering who's going to win the whole enchilada and take home the bacon. And every other bad metaphor you can think of. If your one of those people you've come to the wrong place. I will oblige all six of my readers however and make my picks as I've done all along.

Florida Vs. UCLA
If Florida wins this game the odds of me getting caught with a shank on the way to the mess hall greatly increase. As a Gators fan I think my friends are getting tired of hearing about them. As far as the game goes I think it all really depends on the Brewer-Afflalo match up. If Brewer can completely remove Afflalo from the game like he did in last season's championship game the Gators would likely coast into the title game. Collision is certainly an upgrade over Farmar at the point and I expect him to have a big impact on the game. Another Key match up will be Collision-Green at the point. If Collision can frustrate Green and create turnovers with his defense the Gators could be in trouble. Otherwise I think Green will get his and the Gators will win. UCLA's defense was outstanding against Kansas and if they can keep the pressure up and get the Gators into foul trouble I think the Bruins win.

Prediction: UCLA
Hope: Gators

Ohio State Vs. Georgetown
This game will likely be decided by which big man stays on the court and out of foul trouble. I'd put my money on Oden as he's much more athletic than Hibbert and I'd imagine he'll give the G'town big man fits inside. As for the perimeter I like Ohio State there as well as Ron Lewis and Mike Conley have both been fantastic throughout the tournament and I'd expect that to continue. The only way G'town wins is if Jeff Green has a monster game on both ends of the floor. I just think OSU has too much for the Hoyas.

Prediction: Ohio State
Hope: Georgetown

If I don't get time to pick a Champion here ya go. I think Ohio State will win despite the fact that I thought they were soft and overrated all season. I'm not to happy about this thought. But what can you do?

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