Friday, March 23, 2007

So Much For Clutch

Well I looked good for about 25 minutes on the Tennessee game but what can you do when a team blows a 20 point lead? Tennessee gave a valiant effort but the fact is their shooters just didn't stay hot. Vanderbilt could be in the very same situation tomorrow and I wouldn't be at shocked. Same goes for Oregon, Butler, and UNLV as well. Ohio State is clearly vulnerable though and I wouldn't be at all shocked if Memphis knocks them off in the Elite 8.

Kansas and Memphis should be thanking whoever it is they thank for those missed layups. Acie Law's missed layup, like it not, cost his team the game. That, however, was not even the worst part of the game. The worst part was sitting in my car trying to listen to it on Chicago A.M. 1000 (I live in MI). It went from sounding great to nothing but static every three to four seconds. I still cannot figure out WHY the Red Wings game was on TWO channels while the tourney games were not on any of the local sports channels. It still baffles me to this very minute. Not to mention listening to it for the 4-5 minutes it took them to figure out the clock situation. Law had a great career though and I look forward to watching him play for money.

As far as the Salukis go not only did Matt Shaw miss a layup but Jamaal Tatum missed the wide open follow. If the Salukis get that bucket theirs a very good chance they pull off the upset and go on to play UCLA. In what would have without a doubt been one or the ugliest games ever played for the right to advance to the Final Four. The Kansas-UCLA game should be interesting though I like Kansas. I think they have a defense that's arguably just as good as UCLA's and a much better offense.

If tonight was any indication tomorrow games should all be very good with the exception of one. Which of those games will mirror the Pitt-UCLA game I have no idea. I'll let you all know after all the game are over.

As far as the Tubby Smith move to Minnesota goes I really don't know what to think. Tubby got out to avoid a future axing it appears. He wasn't going to get fired this year though as Kentucky would have had to pay him 4 million to do that. Minnesota though? They haven't been any good since Bobby "Action!" Jackson was running the show. The Michigan job I thought would have made more sense for him but what do I know? Your right. Nothing. Michigan according to the local sports radio outlets appears interested in Lon Kruger.

Who's declared for the draft so far you ask? Two people NO ONE cares about. Glen Davis is probably a second round pick at best. He could be a solid pro in time ala Jason Maxiell here in Detroit but I think he'd be better served to go back to school. His size really turns "scouts" off. OK that sounded dirty. I feel the same way about Josh McRoberts who only hurt himself this season. He should have come out last year. Now he needs to stay. He's said he's hiring an agent though, so he obviously coming out. Their are too many big men in the draft this season if all those expected to come out do so. I don't think Josh reacts well to criticism and his NBA career will be less entertaining than the LPGA.

Steve Lavin quit calling EVERYONE big a LOAD. Your making Rick Majerus look brilliant which is a tough pull. That's it I'm done.

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Anonymous said...

Red Wings were on 2 channels most likely because it was Todd Bertuzzi's first game for us.

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