Sunday, February 4, 2007

The Time Has Come

For the last two weeks I have refrained from commenting on the football game to be played today. I felt like you had all heard enough from the mainstream media that you didn't need my thoughts until the last minute. Not to mention all the uncertainty that surrounds a game that everyone seemed to think was a route when Indy survived the Patriots. The media got the hype machine rolling though, and thanks to the Bears impressive score against the Saints were able to garner some respect. The score in that game, was not at all indicative of how close it was. If the Saints don't turn the ball over four times they win, bar none, without a shadow of a doubt. Drew Brees threw the ball all over the Bears defense all day, so what do think Mr. Manning might do? If the Colts win and I'm saying IF I think they not only cover the spread but make it 14 at least. A Bears victory I think results in a close hard fought game with Robbie Gould hitting the game winner. Now for my prediction......

Colts 34 Bears 17

Theirs a chance I'm wrong here but if the Colts can move the ball on the ground even somewhat effectively, and their defense makes most of the tackles they win easily. They don't need to be the defense they were against the Chiefs but we can't have the defense they showed up with against Houston either. The Bears secondary is in for a long day, their only shot rests on getting to Manning early and very often. Meanwhile, I think the speed of the Colts ends will be a little much for the Bears and they'll be in Grossman's face all day long leading to maybe many mistakes. If the Colts get up 2 scores its over... end of story. That's it for me, now go enjoy your parties, your booze, and your tears if your team loses.


Mini Me said...

Talk about a correct prediction! Great job! What do you think about Rex's future in Chicago? I wrote a post about it on my blog ( if you are interested in my opinion.

BD said...

Thanks man, I more or less think they'll let Rex try to keep the job in training camp. After signing Griese last year signing Garcia's gives them 3 guys who could potentially start in the league.

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