Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Portland Is Officially Back On The NBA Map

Yesterday evening the Jail Blazers Trail Blazers hit the jackpot. As overused as that phrase has been used, it's necessary in this case. I laughed to myself when I awoke to find out that Boston and Memphis has both missed out on the two biggest can't miss NBA prospects since LeBron hit the league. Even better than Hawks snuck into the top 3 as well killing any chance Phoenix had to add another solid player to their overflowing roster.

A lot of people are saying today that Portland may just surprise people and take Kevin Durant, as he seems to fit their needs. This is asinine, especially considering the Sam Bowie fiasco. Greg Oden will be a Blazer, like it, or not. He, Aldridge and Roy make a hell of a front court moving into the future. Hell, they could get at least home court advantage in the East next year. Durant meanwhile, will replace Rashard Lewis in Seattle, not join him as many are saying. Lewis will cash in after opting out of his contract this summer and Seattle will be virtually the same team next year. Unless the Sonics, for some reason pay Lewis and put themselves in cap hell should Durant be the player many think he is. For now, though he's as close to a mirror image as you can get to Lewis. Yet he's only just finished his freshman year of college. I consider Lewis a poor man's Tracy McGrady and that's what Durant is as well. Durant, however, I feel has a much higher ceiling than Lewis ever will.

Moving on down the list you have to wonder what those Grizzlies and Celtics are going to do. Many have Memphis going with Corey Brewer (Gators!) at four. While Boston seems to be a wild card. As I've seen 2-3 different guys falling into the five slot across the web.

I'll touch on the rest of it and pull out a Mock Draft in the coming weeks. This picture I think about sums it up though....

It'll be okay Danny...

(Pic: AP/ABC News Website)

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