Thursday, May 10, 2007

Golden State Goes Sprewell Without Latrell

Tonight the Warriors had the split in Utah all but locked up. They missed one free throw, thats right, FREEEEEEEEEEE throw after another and Spreed it. (PJ Carlesimo could not be reached in San Antonio for comment.) I guess it really was all about Nellie as Utah pushes to the head of the pack in the SA/PHX sacrificial lamb race. The unfortunate reality is that Utah won't be revisiting the west final next year and Jerry Sloan will get fired...( ok, maybe not.)

Maybe Baron's lost his groove after being shunned by one Mormon after another at the club. Though I'm sure Baron is a proponent of polygamy.

Derron Willams has got Jason Kidd version 2 written all over him. Just watching him play I see a young Kidd. Back when Kidd was a pretty consistent scorer to go along with that play-making. How about that leaner in the lane to force OT? Simply fantastic for a guy who was considered a "reach" when the Jazz passed on Chris Paul. Williams-Paul will be two of the best PG's in the league for years to come. As they both posses great scoring and play-making ability.

Final Note is for Derek Fisher. Who hit the arena in the 3rd quarter tonight after spending the last few days with his daughter. Who's sick, I haven't gathered whether or not she's going to be okay. But with all that must've been on his mind Fisher was huge for Utah tonight. Hopefully all is well in the Fisher household as Derek is role-player, high class guys in the league that deserve everything they've got.

And an amusing picture I found while seraching for the Sprewell shot...

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