Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Nash: Future Actor?

Everyone and their brother is commenting on Bob's elbow during the final seconds of last nights game. Everyone seems to think that Horry tossed Nash a solid check to go with the elbow. I, however, do not. I've seen Nash flop time and again and this one was no exception. As Horry barely pushed him and Nash flew violently into the scorers table.

I realize Nash isn't a big guy. Especially not in comparison to Horry. But come on people! The Golden Canadian sold that one better than The Rock once did on Monday nights. Nash deserves a Slammy (at least I think thats what the WWE awards are called). The final minutes of that game made me feel as though I was watching a poorly written episode of Raw, circa 1999. Plus if Horry had really give Nash a hard shot there would have been no give. He wouldn't have turned at all. Little Nash would ran into a wall not a table.

As far as the "NBA wants Spurs to win" conspiracy theorists. You know who you are, Arnie. Think before you open your mouth or put finger to keyboard. Your telling me that the NBA wants the boring, slow it down, drag it out, all defense, barely any offense, Spurs to win the west? Are you kidding me? The Suns are the new poster kids for the Association and the up-and-down offense that has taken over the league. The NBA would much rather have that little Canadian boy raising the trophy than Mr. Monotone himself, Tim Duncan.

The Suns are the NBA's last hope this season for a champ they want. The last chance for an offensive minded team finally getting something done outside of the regular season. The last chance for that alleged "move towards quick offense" the whole NBA's making. (Quick Note: that will never happen.) And I'm done on this one...

One final thing though, folks. Head on over at Awful Announcing and help AA celebrate his one year anniversary. From the only one here at SSOM I hope it's a good one. Even if your a hack...


twins15 said...

It was still basically a cheap shot and he deserved the flagrant foul and suspension, but yeah, Nash seemed to exaggerate it there. Flailing the arms at the end was a little much.

Anonymous said...

You are in the overwhelming minority in thinking that this was a flop job by Nash. Every respected basketball writer and commentator across the country has weighed in on this today, along with the suspensions, and almost to the person they believe this was a blatant dirty play by Horry and also believe that the suspensions were a total travesty. I have only heard one other individual play the flop card, and that person was, of course, from San Antonio. Every unbiased party sees it otherwise.

BD said...

First of all I live in Detroit and hate the Spurs and will always hate the Spurs.

Horry deserved what he got and probably should have been suspended longer. My point was Horry did not hit him as hard as Nash made it look. Not even close.

Hopefully Amare and Diaw come back in game 6 and Phoenix can find a way to pull the series out. Despite missing tonights game where they're probably going to lose.

But this was an interpretation of what happened and not a biased opinion. If it were, I'd have been all over Duncan deserving a suspension.

grittysquirrels said...

Agree, the flaling of the arms gets me. However, twins15 is right it was a cheap shot and so I thinkthe punishment is warranted. However, it's really gay that the Suns are the ones who ended up getting screwed out of the whole thing. But rules are rules I guess.

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